The Ilwaco Tuna Club is an organization with over 50 members who have a common interest; offshore fishing off of the Washington and Oregon coast! We strive to educate anglers new to bluewater fishing about the latest tactics, strategies, and safety preparation through presentations, networking, and club events.

As a member, you must:

  • Must agree with the purpose and By-Laws of the Club
  • Must follow the Code of Conduct (see By-Laws)
  • Must be willing to help with maintaining facility and support club events

The mission of the Ilwaco Tuna Club (ITC) is to promote and support offshore fishing by reducing costs and providing logistics to enhance our offshore experience through group collaboration.By becoming a member of the ITC, you will gain many benefits to supplement your offshore experience, such as:

  • Ice availability
  • Discounted fishing tackle: 25% off + Experticity discounts
  • Club Access
  • Discounted Fish Cleaning: $5 per fish
  • Vacuum sealing- prices TBD
  • Cold Storage
  • Rooms: 2 free nights, $40 a night after that for Charter Members; $70 for non-members
  • Beer!